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About Us

Sneh Sanskar Gurukul is a project with the aim of stimulating holistic growth and development in children. Marrying the wisdom of Vedic tradition with the advances of modern education system, the Sneh Sanskar Gurukul aims to foster creativity, inner awakening and academic excellence among children. 

Taking every child as a multifaceted being, the project strives to provide children with the best opportunity for realizing growth  across the mental, physical, relational, creative, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions – a journey from a ‘being’ to a ‘transformed being’. The endeavour is to create global citizens of tomorrow who are compassionate, courageous and visionary. Keeping this aim in mind, we are working towards providing a self-contained and comprehensive educational structure in a positive and stress-free environment.

We are currently present across four locations in India, viz., Amritsar, Jammu, Jambrung village near Karjat and Khamano town near Ludhiana. We work in collaboration with Sneh Sanskar Gurukul - Kalki Tejomaya Social Welfare Trust at Karjat. 


To develop transformed global citizens who will help in the Transformation of the society and the world at large.



To establish Gurukuls across the country providing holistic education based on a blend of ancient spiritual wisdom and modern insights.



Love, Peace, and Compassion


Courage, Honesty, Respect 

Sharing and Selfless Service 

Love & Care for Mother Earth

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