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Our Philosophy

Create a world for young budding hearts that provides a holistic education system, combining modern education system with the rich Indian thought and knowledge. Introduces love and all that is good. Teaches to be a friend to one and all. Awakens the spirit of generosity. Teaches personal hygiene and social awareness.  Cultivates a positive outlook in any adversity. Inculcates love and gratitude for mother nature. Introduces care and concern for each other and mankind. Teaches respect for all forms of life.

Pillars of Our Philosophy


Be a friend to others and help them walk the path of transformation.


Walking the path of love. Love for the self, for others, for Mother Earth. We are born of Love, we are Love.


Lead a life of simplicity, balance, and sound values.

Vedic School

Gurukul ethos where students receive education, moral values and life skills under the guidance of their mentors and teachers.

What connects you to the Divine instantly and strongly is ‘Love’. When you connect through Love, you find the Divine is within you.
Maitreya Dadashreeji
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